Hospital Clínic Maresme of Mataró

Hospital Clínic Maresme in Mataró equips its wards with Axis loudspeakers that warn when a patient goes into cardiac arrest


The Spanish Society of Cardiology estimates that an average of 52,300 cardiac arrests take place in our country each year, of which some 30,000 were detected in an out-of-hospital setting and 22,300 in hospitals. In fact, in 2021 in Spain cardiorespiratory arrest (CRA) was considered one of the leading causes of death and a very important health problem. This is due to the short reaction time that exists from the moment the heart stops beating, hence the importance of warning and intervening urgently to resuscitate the patient.


Hospital Clínic Maresme has implemented an innovative solution to address the problem of cardiorespiratory arrests. They have installed Axis C1410 loudspeakers on four floors, replacing traditional mobile terminals that were inefficient due to various human factors. This new system provides healthcare professionals with a reliable way to communicate emergency situations quickly, efficiently and easily. The loudspeakers are strategically located throughout the hospital, ensuring that the message reaches a greater number of nurses and doctors, which in turn significantly reduces response time.



Since the implementation of Axis Axis loudspeakers at the Hospital Clínic MaresmeHospital Clínic Maresme, healthcare professionals have experienced a number of advantages. In addition to being able to quickly alert the location of cardiac arrest patients, they can now establish direct contact, either through programmed recorded messages or in real time, with specific floors or wards, and communicate with the center's staff. This is made possible by connecting the loudspeakers to the hospital's IP network and using extension codes according to the area to which the message is to be transmitted. In addition, if necessary, these devices can also provide announcements in waiting rooms with relevant information for patients.


The application Axis Audio Manager Edgeapplication, which comes pre-installed on Axis audio devices, offers the Hospital Clínic Maresme an easy way to manage the system via any standard web browser, either locally or remotely. This enables simple content management, which means that different types of communications can be mixed to meet different needs. In addition, there is the option to prioritize received content, ensuring that live voice messages are always delivered with priority. This ensures that vital information, such as emergency announcements and staff calls, is transmitted in a timely manner.



ElectroTEL's technical advisor ElectroTEL José Luis Hoces, highlights that they chose Axis loudspeakers for the Hospital Clínic Maresme, due to their unique features in the market. These loudspeakers feature an open standards IP network, which facilitates their integration with the hospital's existing telephone solutions and management software. This choice is based on the specific needs of the hospital and the ability of Axis loudspeakers to offer integrated and complete telecommunications solutions. ElectroTEL is a company specialized in providing telecommunications solutions for businesses.


Alfonso Allende of Axis stresses the importance of healthcare professionals in patient care and emphasizes that Axis loudspeakers offer technologies that improve efficiency and communication in the hospital. Allende is proud to be able to provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to have these technologies, which helps to improve medical care and coordination among staff, as well as communication between different floors and wards in the hospital.


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