Professional Networking: Our Engineers Optimize your Corporate Network for Maximum User Performance.


Start small and let it grow. Flexible, affordable storage that expands to accommodate your intentional growth and automatically adjusts when the unexpected happens to keep you up and running.

Eliminate storage boundaries with storage that spans all tiers. Provision quickly, respond effortlessly, migrate seamlessly, scale efficiently and ensure high performance in a world of unpredictable demands.


As an integrator of telecommunications solutions, the Networking area is one of the most important parts of our company, since telecommunications networks have become a part without which it is impossible to understand the integration of services within the information society in which we live.

At Electrotel we design, install and maintain your networks. And if your organization already has an engineering department within its organizational chart, we cooperate together to offer the product that best suits your needs.

In addition, we have a technical service with proven experience in cabling solutions of all types, from electrical or telephone cabling to network or fiber optic cabling.


By virtualizing your IT infrastructure on VMware, the industry-leading virtualization platform, your business will save costs, improve application availability and enjoy a more controlled environment through service level automation.

Advantages to be highlighted:

  • Rapid scalability when adding or removing resources for virtualized servers
  • Centralized management of virtualized resources
  • Error isolation
  • Dynamic resource balancing between virtual machines
  • Optimal resource consumption for each virtual machine
  • More efficient migration between virtual machines
  • No loss of service
  • Lower cost due to higher hardware utilization
  • High capacity for cloning and system backups


Wireless LAN has become a beneficial option and has proven to be a stable solution when SMEs decide to implement mobile connectivity.

Electrotel implements new Wireless networks as well as audits existing networks to improve the performance of the client's existing networks.

Wireless networks allow flexibility and mobility to the user without having to sacrifice the connection to the Internet or to the company's computer network.

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