Our solutions, designed to fit perfectly into your company's infrastructure, offer exceptional professional quality while guaranteeing customized rates that will allow you to optimize your operating costs. Discover how our solutions can benefit your business.

GSM amplifiers

The coverage improvement system of GSM amplifiers, based on micro repeaters, provides the possibility of having signal in areas where it would otherwise be impossible; by repeating the signal at a nearby point, heading towards the area where we want to count the coverage.

The solution consists of an outdoor antenna, low attenuation cabling, signal splitters and indoor antennas.


Whatever your type of contact center, Electrotel offers you a headset solution with a wide range of headsets to meet your needs. Our contact center product portfolio offers you the essentials: comfort, excellent sound quality and durability.

Let us help you:

  • Improve communication and collaboration within your contact center.
  • Improve your contact center environment.
  • Improve conversion rates with effective communication

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Avaya IP Office is a telephone system that offers extensive functionality to help employees communicate more efficiently with their customers, suppliers and contacts.

Combining large enterprise features with the ease of use and simplified management required by the SMB, IP Office helps small businesses use communications as a competitive differentiator.

Microsoft Teams

Turn Microsoft Teams into your PBX. Integrate your geographic numbers into the Microsoft environment and use your Teams app on PC or mobile as an extension of your PBX.

What do I need to use Teams as a phone?

  • Telephony licenses in Microsoft 365.
  • SIP trunk with all its numbering (ip voice lines).
  • SBC (Session Border Controller) service to integrate Microsoft Teams with your SIP Trunk.

Wireless Telephony

The wireless telephony solutions we distribute comply with the GAP (Generic Access Profile) standard and are developed under the international DECT (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) standard, offering dynamic channel assignment and selection for greater security and reliability.

Modular and unlimited growth for any scenario, be it factories, offices, airports, etc...

Main advantages:

  • No need for cables.
  • IP as the only logical interface.
  • All maintenance activities are performed through the IP Dect server.
  • Central systems based on open source code.
  • Compatible with standard Asterisk SIP features.
  • Configuration, firmware and wireless users.

ATEX Phones

ATEX devices, both mobile and IT, are used to communicate and work digitally in sectors that handle or deposit products that generate a hazardous atmosphere due to their potential to explode, mainly are:

  • OIL & GAS: Equipment to comply with the demanding safety protocols of the Oil & Gas sector.
  • CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL: We provide mobility between potentially explosive chemicals and corrosives.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE: Prevention of deflagration and dust and ethanol explosions in these industries.

Acquire these terminals through our Operational Renting with All Risk Coverage.


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Video door phones

We install and maintain multi-brand video door phones, equipped with the possibility of keypad for opening by code, proximity card and / or fingerprint.

Main advantages:

  • Secure equipment against possible attacks from the outside, complying with HTTPS, IEEE 802.1x, SIPS, SRTP standards.
  • IP intercoms operate as stand-alone devices and support direct SIP calls.
  • Opt for quality materials. We develop and manufacture in the heart of the Old Continent.
  • Equipment designed for any project, modular, robust, single or multi-button, surface or recessed.
  • 2-in-1 devices, combining audio/video with access reader in a single device.
  • Integrations with a multitude of IP PBX manufacturers.

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