Digital Transformation of Aigües de Castellbisbal with Electrotel: A Telecommunications Success Story for Municipal Progress

In 1966, Aigües de Castellbisbal was founded as the solution to the challenges of water supply in the municipality of Castellbisbal. At a time marked by a shortage of infrastructure, the local community came together to form a company aimed at transforming the reality of the municipality. Today, with 205 members, Aigües de Castellbisbal is a fundamental pillar in the life of the town, contributing not only to water supply, but also to sustainable progress.

Unlike other Catalan municipalities, Castellbisbal is distinguished by its lack of urban sprawl, facilitating the organization of more effective supply policies. However, its vital industrial sector, responsible for 70% of total consumption, presents unique challenges in the management of resources and services.

The infrastructure of Aigües de Castellbisbal extends over more than 120 kilometers of pipeline, supplying water from seven wells strategically located between Castellbisbal, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Martorell and the Rubí stream. It is also complemented by the supply from Aigües Ter-Llobregat, which comes from the Abrera water treatment plant, which captures water from the Llobregat River. The efficient management of this complex network is essential to guarantee a constant and quality supply to the community.


With its sights set on improving customer and partner service, Aigües de Castellbisbal faced the challenge of modernizing its business telecommunications. The urgent need to technologically upgrade the obsolete voice lines, combined with the prevailing demand for immediate and personalized day-to-day responses, led the company to seek a comprehensive solution. The old provider's delayed attention and response were affecting the quality of service, and a significant change was needed.


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After a thorough evaluation of the options available in the market, Aigües de Castellbisbal made the strategic decision to partner with Electrotel. The implementation of Electrotel's Galaxip virtual PBX, the installation of professional fiber connections in several locations and the improvement of mobile telephony services became the cornerstones of this transformation. In addition, the promise of closer and more personalized attention from Electrotel' s technical service was a decisive factor in the choice of the new telecommunications provider.

This success story not only highlights Aigües de Castellbisbal's ability to adapt and modernize, but also how strategic collaboration with Electrotel has been the key to optimizing the efficiency and quality of its services. The implementation of cutting-edge technologies has not only allowed for more effective telecommunications management, but has also ensured agile service adapted to the specific needs of customers and partners. 


In conclusion, the partnership between Aigües de Castellbisbal and Electrotel is not simply a technological upgrade, but a crucial step towards municipal progress. This alliance not only strengthens Aigües de Castellbisbal' s position as a leader in water supply, but also sets a standard for efficiency and innovation in service delivery in the region. Through this transformation in telecommunications, Aigües de Castellbisbal demonstrates its ongoing commitment to sustainable development and service excellence.


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